Sum of Histories

Fall 2017

Sum of Histories is the story of Viktor, a young and brilliant professor who discovers a way to manipulate time. Now he can finally change the past and help his beloved Lena. But as Viktor soon learns, changing the past is not without risk.

Lukas Bussoyt recieved his degree from London Film School, subsequently making his name as a screenwriter of several Flemish TV series such as DE RODENBURGS and PETER ASPE – MORD IN BRÜGGE. Lukas Bussoyt has won several prizes like Euroshorts Winner (2003), Cannes Shortlist (2005) and Viktor Awards Grand Prix (2007). SUM OF HISTORIES is his first feature film.

Director Statement:
“I want to tell a story about love, or even better: I want to show the sum of different stories about love. What would happen with the love between two characters when you give them the chance to change the past? Changing the past keeps on stimulating people’s imagination and makes them curious.”